History tells us that Oracle’s acquisition strategy related to enterprise computing has worked, including large and small enterprise software companies (see timeline and links below). These acquisitions included established market leading software companies along with up and coming emerging technology companies.

Oracle moved into second place in global software revenue in 2013, surpassing IBM. Oracle also moved quickly and permanently into the hardware space with its acquisition of Sun in 2010. This enabled a complete, turnkey enterprise solution with the introduction of Engineered Systems and appliances, including database appliances and Big Data appliances.

So if you selected Oracle long ago or even just recently as your primary enterprise business and technology partner, you chose well. However, this is both good and bad news.

The Good News…

You want your primary ERP software vendor to be continue to grow and be profitable, increase product offerings and functionality, and keep releasing newer versions of your business and technology solutions. Oracle has performed well in all of these areas, so in selecting Oracle as your software vendor has proved out to be a solid choice.

The Bad News…

It is difficult to keep up with the newer versions of your base ERP solution, as upgrades can sometimes be difficult, complex and time consuming. In addition to that challenge, it is also difficult to keep up with new product offerings and emerging technologies. Your organization, whether you are ready for it or not, now has to have a strategy for cloud, mobile and social media (more on that later).

We have all heard too many times how quickly technology changes. This change is good for the most part, as the hardware and software products improve in performance, functionality and stability, so the value is there.

But this change also requires significant financial and human resources of your organization. Budgets for upgrading existing solutions or implementing new solutions don’t always get approved, and some of the approved budgets get reduced which in turn adds another challenge to the project.

We recommend paying for support and maintenance from Oracle. We also recommend engaging with an Oracle partner to help with these projects. If you select the right Oracle partner to help you, your chances of a successful project increase. Your Oracle partner should have experience, knowledge, responsiveness and integrity, and there are quite a few to choose from that fit this profile.

How we as a Regional User Group can help…

Regional user groups represent tremendous opportunity for Oracle customers, especially organizations that have implemented travel and education budget restrictions for their internal resources wanting and needing to keep up with Oracle solutions.

1 – Education – Your business and IT resources can learn about new products, technology and functionality. They can also learn how to get more value out of existing solutions and even how to fix or work around existing issues. They can learn best practices and how other organizations have met challenges your organization is facing. Best of all, these resources can attend the same presentations from the national tradeshows, for example Collaborate or Oracle OpenWorld.

Presentations – Central States OAUG 2014 Spring St. Louis Oracle Summit

2 – Networking – Never underestimate the power of your professional network, as this represents tremendous value and opportunity. By networking with individuals from other organizations who have the same or similar business and technology solutions as you, you sometimes find solutions to your existing issues or good advice and guidance for your upcoming initiatives. At regional user group meetings, you can network with both Fortune 500 companies and the mid-market, giving you a more complete, broadband view of how other companies have met challenges in their Oracle projects.

3 – Partners – Most Case Studies presented by Oracle customers include one very critical agenda item, the partner selection process. The importance of this is obvious and has a huge impact on the success of your Oracle initiatives. As pointed out in one of the Central States OAUG Customer RoundTable sessions by a VP of IT, just because a partner was good a few years ago does NOT necessarily mean they are still a good partner, and vice versa. In interacting with over 20 regional, national and international Oracle partners, you will hear about their recent work, who they did work for and get a better feel for if they are a ‘good fit’ for your organization’s requirements and culture.

So let’s review…

An Oracle tradeshow with a Keynote Address, 25 presentations, a Customer RoundTable session and outstanding networking.

Cost of Admission : $ 0.00

Travel Expenses : Minimal to $ 0.00

Networking Reception after the Conference : Ballpark Village, St. Louis, MO

All of this and possibly tickets to New York Yankees vs. St. Louis Cardinals, the two greatest teams in World Series history…

Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Hope to see you there! Register now if you haven’t already

Thanks for Reading!


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