Abstract : Oracle E-Business continues to deliver exciting technical integrations and new features and new releases. Come hear about the latest updates on Oracle E-Business Suite technology strategy, the capabilities and business benefits of the latest releases, as well as a review of the certification roadmap for the E-Business Suite technology stack. Find out about the latest usability enhancements, systems administration and configuration management tools, security-related updates, and tools and options for extending, customizing, and integrating the Oracle E-Business Suite with other applications.

Speaker : Elke Phelps

Bio: Elke Phelps is a Senior Principal Product Manager in the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group. She joined Oracle in 2011 after having been an Oracle customer and Oracle Technologist (Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Applications DBA, Technical Architect and Technical Manager of an Oracle Applications DBA Team) since 1993. Her primary areas of expertise include Oracle Database and E-Business Suite deployments and upgrades, platform migrations and infrastructure design.

Prior to joining Oracle, Elke was designated an Oracle ACE (2007) and Oracle ACE Director (2009). Elke is also the founder of the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) E-Business Suite Applications Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) and served as Chair of the SIG from February 2005 – August 2011. Elke has been a speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and Collaborate since 2004. Elke is the lead author of the Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (Apress 2006) and Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide (Coqui Tech and Press 2010). She is currently a contributor to the Oracle Applications Technology blog hosted at

Room & Time : Gillham Hall – 8:15 am – 9:00 am

Track(s) : Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

About the Company – Oracle :

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